Revolution® Linear Motor CMMLM_with_hand_controller.png

Reliable Linear Motor Driven CMM with 5-axis Capabilities

The Revolution® LM Series of air bearing bridge configuration CMMs are made in America and delivers true 5-axis
measurement smoother and faster than conventional air bearing systems.  It offers advanced measuring platforms fully equipped with next generation 5-axis probing technology.  This provides triple the productivity of conventional touch probe CMM’s with five times the scanning productivity.

The LM has been designed with linear motors instead of conventional belts and pulleys. The use of a linear motor means that the LM needs virtually no maintenance, provides less downtime, and has a positioning accuracy in the submicron range.  It is the only CMM on the market with a linear motor configuration.  The lab grade CMM is designed with advanced CAD design technology and features flexible and precise instruments able to carry out measurements both in point-to-point mode as well as continuous measurements with contact sensors.  

The Revolution® LM can be equipped with Renishaw’s touch or scanning probes and are suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications.  This includes Renishaw’s PH20, and the REVO which provides triple the productivity of conventional touch/scanning probes, respectively.

Inspection Software
Modus software from Renishaw is the backbone of the Revolution® LM’s operating system.  It includes a configurable user interface to allow native DMIS programs to be developed offline utilizing geometry, embedded dimensions and tolerance data from CAD.  Modus also includes true 5-axis measurement programs, full simulation and crash detection, programs arriving ready to run, little or no prove-out time required, and a large variety of report formats.

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