Frequently Asked Questions About Summit 10.10.10


What does 10.10.10 mean?

The measuring range of the Summit is three axes: X is 1 meter, Y is 1 meter and Z is 1 meter. This gives the Summit 1 meter cubed capacity for parts measurement.

Is the Summit mobile like your shop floor predecessor HB Series?

We wanted to put the 5-axis scanning and multi-sensor surface finish measurement of REVO-2 [including video probing] into the hands of the operator. To do that we had to make the structure more robust and engineer a stiffer z-axis to support REVO-2.

What is REVO-2 and why do I need it?

REVO-2 is a highly accurate dynamic 5-axis measuring head and probe system which maximizes measurement throughput... Aside from infinite head positioning, REVO-2 can process 4,000 data points per second at speeds of up to 500 mm/sec. REVO-2 can be equipped with a variety of sensors including the new SFP2 probe.

Will I lose floor space with a bigger machine?

AIMS understands the value of shop floor real estate. The Summit has been designed to support large components while conserving floor space.

Can the Summit be automated?

Summit can be automated with a robot load/unload system or pass through process with a conveyor.

What types of parts or applications can I use Summit for?

High volume, large parts for the automotive, aerospace and medical and other markets. But REVO-2’s infinite positioning and range of sensors also make it suited for measuring parts for the metal cutting and forming industries, composites and applications such as coating thicknesses and surface roughness for adhesion.

What about maintenance costs?

The Summit has been designed with dual linear motors that work off permanent magnets that don’t wear out. This configuration minimizes wear and tear for zero

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