Why is AIMS Different?

What makes AIMS CMM’s different?
Explain AIMS cost of ownership advantages?
What makes AIMS “5-axis experts”?
AIMS was founded on the ideals to provide the best customer service in the industry.  We are a team who have worked in the CMM industry for decades and understand the key to any product is providing superior customer service.  We understand the intense nature of manufacturing production demands and build our CMM’s to take the abuse that these see in real use.   We build these systems to the needs of the customer.  And we proudly build our machines right here in the USA. 
We pride ourselves on our ability to build a quality product that will provide years of use with minimal service requirements.  We offer the Renishaw controllers that allow for multiple service options, keeping pricing competitive vs the competition that restricts you to the OEM only.  And our software selection provides the most cost-effective ownership packages on the market.
When Dave and Mark founded the company, Renishaw had just introduced the REVO 5-axis probe system and wanted a company to embrace the technology. AIMS and Renishaw formed a partnership to focus our CMM products on the new 5-axis technologies. So we have been providing these systems for longer than anyone here in the US and our entire staff has always been focused on the 5-axis technologies on our Revolution CMM’s.

AIMS Hardware?

What makes a “Shop Floor” CMM?
What advantages does the Summit have over other CMM’s?
Why do you use Linear Motors?
Today’s manufacturing demands inspection on the shop floor, right where the parts are produced. A true shop floor machine is designed to put up with the harsh environment of the manufacturing floor, while still providing fast accurate measurements and in many cases direct feedback into the process. Our HB & Summit series machines are based on polymer cast bases to withstand the thermal and vibrations found on the shop floor. Built on this base is our high precision linear rail mechanical bearings – no air required – and then we rely on the Renishaw FASTRACK scale systems that are over 200% more impervious to contamination. All these systems are covered to keep the and out of the work surface area providing a robust package, built for shop floor production areas.
Summit 10.10.10 was built to be a larger platform on the shop floor, but also capable of running Renishaw’s REVO-2 probe system. We took this machine a step further by incorporating dual linear motor Y axis drives and our Z quill is supported through the X carriage frame – all this provides for a premium shop floor REVO capable system.
Linear Motors provide for higher precision motion and positioning capabilities. This is also a frictionless drive system allowing for more performance while scanning as there are no inherent vibrations from the mechanical coupling found on traditional CMM’s. One other major benefit to customers is fewer moving parts and this means lower cost of ownership due to less maintenance of wear items.

AIMS Automation?

What Software options does AIMS offer?
Can AIMS CMM’s be automated?
We provide customers options for the best fit to the application and need. Our team has expertise in products like MODUS from Renishaw and CMM-Manager from QxSoft. We also have a partnership with Verisurf should you have more interest in this software package. We also work very closely with Prolink Software and their suite of QC-Calc SPC data collection packages. https://www.aimsmetrology.com/software-options
Yes – we have many systems in the field that are fully automated. All our systems are capable of being integrated into a current or new automation cell.

AIMS Offerings?

AIMS Line of CMM’s
Can you explain the RBE program?
Does AIMS offer used / rebuilt machines?
Can AIMS rebuild / upgrade my current CMM?
AIMS offers a full line of new – made in the USA – coordinate measuring machines.  Ranging from our shop floor HB series, the Summit 10.10.10, as well as our linear motor air bearing – LM series machines.  Check out the full line here - https://www.aimsmetrology.com/products
Renishaw has the best RBE program in the industry, this allows you as a customer to get a replacement part, typically the next day, for substantial savings vs purchasing new components. This can be vital to keeping your system up and running. You can contact AIMS, get a quote for replacing your damaged probe component or controller, Issue the PO, then Renishaw will overnight the part to your facility for you to replace, then just return the old part within 10 days. The RBE components come with a warranty.
We take trade-ins of current CMM’s and we completely rebuild them with all new Renishaw components – this can be a cost effective way to get into 5-axis metrology. All our rebuilt systems come with a warranty. https://www.aimsmetrology.com/available-machines-used
The team at AIMS can come onsite and perform simple probe and software upgrades all the way to complete rebuilds at your facility.  We can come in and replace old scales and controllers – providing you with many more years of reliable service from your current CMM.  https://www.aimsmetrology.com/aims-cmm-retrofits