A retrofit will extend the service life and improve the performance of an older coordinate measurement machine (CMM) for a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine. More than just a software update, a CMM retrofit may involve replacing the system probe head, controller, providing any relevant software upgrades, installing new measuring scales, rewiring, and more.

Unlike machine tools that are subject to heavy loads, CMMs don’t typically wear out. As a result, they often see many years of service. Their long service life means they tend to miss out on improvements incorporated into the latest models, such as higher speeds, easier programming, and increased accuracy.

Replacing a CMM is an expensive proposition, especially if it’s a larger machine sited in a temperature-controlled space. In addition to capital costs, removal of the old machine and installation of the replacement can disrupt production work for days or weeks. In contrast, a CMM retrofit kit can be installed on-site or at a professional rebuilders, providing a less disruptive way to get the benefits of a new machine at a lower cost.

Benefits of CMM Retrofitting

Retrofitting an older CMM provides users with:

  • Enhanced and new measurement capabilities (especially when going from three to five axes)
  • Higher speeds/shorter inspection times (which increases inspection capacity)
  • Faster programming and set up from a modern CAD based software package (another capacity increase)
  • Reduced operating and ownership costs through less maintenance
  • Reduced measurement uncertainty
  • Postponed replacement by adding years of life to an old machine
  • Lower training costs for new hires because updated software is easier to use
  • Compliance to newer GD&T and industry standards

CMM Retrofits at AIMS Metrology

Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS) undertakes both CMM hardware and software retrofits and upgrades. These are available individually or as part of a retrofit package.

Retrofits may include new Renishaw probe heads and scanning systems:
  • PH20 – 5-axis touch trigger probe head
  • REVO – 5-axis scanning technology for dimensional, surface finish, non-contact video and ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
  • PH10 – Motorized indexing probe head
  • SP25 - Tactile scanning probe system
Other machine retrofit options include:
  • Manual head retrofit
  • New CMM Controller
  • Enhanced Laser Mapping of the system
AIMS support options for CMM Retrofits include:
  • Software training at the AIMS facility
  • Offsite software training at customer location
  • Application support
  • Custom fixtures
  • Turnkey programming
  • Factory service personnel to service and calibrate your machine

Improve Performance and Save Money With a CMM Retrofit

Before committing to the purchase of a new CMM, explore options for a CMM retrofit. For a fraction of the cost, a quality retrofit can improve the speed and accuracy of your existing machine while adding many years to its life. AIMS offers CMM retrofit packages to suit all types of CMM machines. Request a quote today or contact us to learn more.