PH20 5-Axis Measurement System

PH20 5-axis Probe Head

PH20 is a dynamic measuring head and probe system from Renishaw. It is a revolutionary product designed to maximize measurement throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy for basic entry level measurement systems.

Renishaw's PH20 5-axis probe system delivers high performance 5-axis touch trigger measurement at significant time savings compared to conventional 3-axis touch probe systems. 

Unlike conventional touch-trigger measurement methods which rely on speeding up the motion of the CMM's 3 axes to measure quickly, PH20 utilizes the head motion technology developed for the multi-award winning REVO system to minimize the dynamic errors of the CMM at higher measurement speeds.

PH20's unique ‘head touches' allow measurement points to be taken by moving only the head, rather than the CMM structure. Points can be taken faster, and with improved accuracy and repeatability.

Furthermore, 5-axis motion eliminates time spent indexing the head. Together these speed increases typically result in a 3-fold improvement in throughput over conventional systems.



PH20 Infinite Positioning

PH20 infinite


PH20's infinite positioning capability guarantees optimal feature access, minimizing stylus changes. The 5-axis simultaneous motion allows larger parts to be measured on the CMM by minimizing the space required around the part for head rotation. PH20 automatically aligns itself with the part co-ordinate system, avoiding stylus collisions and the requirement for accurate fixtures.

The PH20 head has two rotary axes (A and B) and is normally mounted on the CMM quill to create a 5-axis measuring system. The PH20 B-axis is mounted on the CMM quill and can rotate continuously in both directions. The A-axis, which is orthogonal to the B-axis, has ±115° of travel.




PH20 Probe Family

PH20 module family

PH20 incorporates Renishaw's long established TP20 probe system into a revolutionary motorized head system to give unprecedented touch-trigger measurement capability. Unlike conventional touch-trigger measurement methods which rely on increased speed of the CMM's 3 axes to measure quickly, PH20 uses head motion to minimize dynamic errors introduced by machine motion at high measurement speeds.

Users of the PH20 probe head will immediately have access to the range of proven TP20 probe modules, providing a wide selection of trigger forces, directional sensing options and extensions to meet application requirements. The detachable modules provide crash protection and can be automatically changed using the TCR20 change rack.  Current users of TP20 systems will be able to upgrade to PH20 and utilize their existing modules.

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PH20 In Action





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