REVO 5-Axis Measurement System


The REVO® 5-axis measurement system offers high measurement speed that accurately captures every detail of an object. The CMM system uses a flexible tip-sensing probe that performs several different measurement techniques, including:

  •     Head touches: moving only the head of the measuring tool instead of the entire CMM
  •     Circle scans: capturing thousands of data points per second to follow circular surfaces such as interior bores with a high degree of CMM measurement accuracy
  •     Cylinder scans: measuring the inside or outside of cylindrical shapes along a helical path
  •     Gasket scans: using established target points to capture irregular surface shapes and follow non-uniform paths
  •     Section scans: measuring around the plane to completely capture the dimensions within an established section
  • Sweep scans: measuring both curved and flat surfaces


Surface Probes:

SFP2 Surface Finish Probe

Renishaw SFP2

REVO® SFP2 surface probes are suitable for surface finish inspection operations, measuring the surface roughness of parts to ensure they remain within acceptable parameters. They can handle the inspection, profile scanning, and digitization tasks for measuring and documenting objects.

SFP2 systems feature:

  • Interchangeable probe options
  • Multiple sensors
  • Stylus holders
  • 5-axis measurement technology compatibility

The probe’s characteristics include:

  • Skidded probe design
  • Diamond stylus tips with 2 μm radius
  • Suitability for bores as small as 6 mm (0.2 in.)
  • Surface measurement capabilities for 6.3–0.05μm Ra
  • Data outputs in Ra, RMS, and raw formats



REVO-2 RVP Vision Probes:

The REVO vision probe (RVP) provides non-contact vision measurement on an infinitely positioning, 5-axis platform. Now, tactile scanning measurement, surface finish analysis and non-contact inspection can all be performed on one CMM.


VM10 vision moduleVM10bigger

The VM10 vision module can be used for inspecting features or holes that are typically larger than 1 mm, with a maximum field of view of 40 mm × 50 mm.

Typical applications for the VM10 module include the inspection of thin sheet metal parts like combustor casings for aerospace engines.

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VM11 vision moduleRVP_VM11

The VM11 vision module can be used for inspecting features or holes that are typically 0.4 mm or larger, with a maximum field of view of 10 mm × 12.5 mm.

Typical applications for the VM11 module include laser drilled cooling holes in aerospace engine blades and components.

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RVP In Action

Exhibition video RVP_2018 (mp4)

 Introducing the RVP vision probe.



CMM Scanning Probes: 

CMM scanning probes are measurements tools that generally remain in full contact with parts as they collect hundreds or thousands of data points per second. By employing continuous measurement techniques, they provide highly accurate measurements of overall forms, sizes, and positions. Similar to touch-trigger probes, they may also be used for discrete measurement operations.

At AIMS Metrology, we provide the following scanning probe models:



This scanning probe has a diameter of 25 mm and consists of two sensors within a single housing. It comes with a selection of five different scanning modules with lengths ranging from 20–400 mm and an adaptor module suitable for use with other Renishaw probe modules. These components enable the probe system to be used for continuous and discrete measurement operations.

Characteristics of this probe include:

  • Simple and durable design that does not rely on motors or locking mechanism
  • Fast and straightforward calibration cycles
  • Crash protection
  • Simple stylus setup/changing

It is suitable for use in profile and form measurement operations and on motorized indexing heads.



The SP600 line of analog scanning probe systems has capabilities for inspection, digitizing, and profile scanning. The line includes:

  •     SP600, an 89 mm long probe that features multiple adaptor mounting options
  •     SP600M, a 107.5 mm long probe with Renishaw autojoint mounting options
  •     SP600Q, a 98 mm long probe with a direct in-quill mount

All of these probes offer excellent performance characteristics, including in regards to application flexibility, product durability and longevity, and scanning and measurement speed.


SP80 and SP80H

SP80SP80 is a quill-mounted scanning probe that uses digital scale and readhead technology, plus Renishaw’s innovative isolated optical metrology principles, to provide exceptional scanning performance, even with long styli.

SP80 is able to reach deep into parts by carrying styli up to 1000 mm long and 500 g mass, including star configurations which do not require counterbalancing.  Renishaw’s M5 styli products are designed to complement SP80 and ensure peak performance.

Key system benefits include ultra-high accuracy scanning by using digital readheads providing 0.02 ?m resolution, large stylus arrangement capability, up to 800 mm length and 500 g mass of unbalanced rapid dynamic response as a result of low suspended mass within the probe, and repeatable stylus changing for fast, flexible part inspection.

REVO® 5-Axis Measurement Systems & Probes From AIMS Metrology

At AIMS Metrology, we offer a wide selection of high-performance metrology probes and equipment to give industry professionals access to measurement systems that seamlessly integrate with Renishaw products. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience for their CMM needs. In choosing us as their CMM product provider, customers benefit from our:

  • High quality, high-performance products
  • Superior customer service
  • Expert training and programming services
  • Competitive prices

To learn more about our CMM systems and probes, contact us today. Request a quote to place your order or discuss your needs with our experts.


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