OGP Advanced Production Systems

OGP_mark_RGB_positive_transOGP Advanced Production Systems are used to monitor and control industrial processes where high accuracy for critical dimensions and component positioning are required. These systems offer a unique blend of optical configurations, software, fixture tooling, and application programming to create turnkey solutions for the most demanding manufacturing challenges.

The Multisensor Advantage

OGP Multisensor metrology systems offer significant advantages in measurement speed and accuracy. By using the best type of sensor for individual dimensions, multisensor systems measure parts faster, more thoroughly and more accurately.

Advanced Production Systems also offer:

  • Advanced Lighting – All LED coaxial, substage profile, and 3 color Programmable Ring Light (PRL) illumination comes standard.
  • Precision metrology transports.
  • .0001mm Scale Resolution with optional 50nm.
  • Powered by VMS or OGP ZONE3 Software.
  • Single or Dual Magnification optics.
  • Multisensor Versatility:
    • Grid Projector
    • Touch Probe (TP20/TP200)
    • Scanning Probe (SP25M)
    • Through-the-Lens Lasers (TTL)
    • TeleStar® Probe - A self-contained off-axis partial coherence interferometric range sensor
    • Rainbow Probe™
    • Rotary Indexers - for 4th & 5th axis inspection