OGP_mark_RGB_positive_transOGP c-vision™ Video Contour Projectors® combine the speed and accuracy of a video measurement system with the rugged capacity of an optical comparator to create the world’s best shop-floor measuring tools for 2D measurement. Video measurement systems offer high magnification and the speed of automatic measurement, using a high-resolution digital image. With 60% more magnification range than a standard comparator, users can accurately measure features up to 4 inches without refocusing the worktable, while still measuring fine details on parts.

OGP c-vision™ benchtop and floor models are built for large, heavy parts with a load capacity up to 250 lbs.   The systems come equipped with impressive capabilities such as a durable build, large screens for measurement versatility, innovative optics, long service life, and more, making it the perfect option for contour projection needs.

OGP c-vision™ systems also offer:

  • Internally mounted lenses with digital megapixel metrology cameras
  • Tough construction, high load capacity, and large viewing screen for shop floor use
  • Create & run measurement routines, perform "walk-up and measure" tasks, and fitting data to 2D CAD for profile and GD&T analysis
  • Measure-X™ Compare virtual chart gage software displays both standard and custom overlay charts - direct from DXF CAD files
  • Simple but accurate operator controls for fast shop-floor measurements
  • Manual XY table motion with precision linear scales and fine adjusters
  • Motorized XY motion with hardended rotational screen control knob