Revolution® Air Bearing Small Bridge CMM
Small Bridge AB

Small in Size – Large in Production

The Revolution® Small Bridge Air Bearing (AB) CMM is the ideal solution wherever the core aspects of measuring are required and where rapidity and ease of use are in demand. It can be used for incoming inspection, machine setup, process control and final inspection.

The Revolution® AB Small Bridge is also an unbeatable solution for economic entry into coordinate metrology.

The Revolution® AB Small Bridge is a lab grade machine that is built ruggedly for a long life and outstanding long-term stability.  It includes a granite metrology frame where the base, X beam and Z axis quill are made from granite for strength and thermal stability.  The air bearing guide ways are precisely lapped for intrinsic accuracy.  The air bearings are self-cleaning and wear-free which ensures smooth operation.  The Small AB is also easily accessibly during maintenance work.  Last but not least, the Small AB is powered by Renishaw’s 5-axis technology with the PH20 probe head.

Inspection Software
Modus™ software from Renishaw is the backbone of the Revolution® operating system.  The standard includes Native DMIS, CAD, Modus Organizer, and Graphical Reports.  Options include Modus Gear, Modus Spline, Modus Airfoil, and MMclient.  MMclient allows sharing between Modus and MeasureMax.

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