AIMS’ newly developed expanded capability Software Driver for older CMM’s, called Renewal®, provides a virtual connection between your existing CMM to Renishaw’s Modus™ CMM software. If you’ve still held on to your old CMM and still love it, there’s no reason to get rid of it. Sometimes, only the software goes bad because it is outdated.

Expanded Quality Software

By providing a virtual connection between your existing CMM to Renishaw’s Modus™ CMM software, Renewal® (the connection that links the CMM to MODUS™) acts like a sort of software retrofit upgrade, where it will let your old CMM run one of the most effective and efficient softwares in the world – Modus™, from Renishaw.

Renishaw’s MODUS™ software is one of the best on the market.  In a nutshell, MODUS™ fully supports 5-axis probe technology, its interface allows native DMIS programs to be created offline, drawing geometry, embedded dimensions and tolerance data from CAD, and also offers full simulation and collision detection.  Certified algorithms for feature measurement, feature construction, and part alignment are yet another prominent feature.  MODUS™ also has the ability to maximize compatibility with existing programs and reports.

Renewal® lets the CMM operator get everything back from their older CMM that had been lost over the years.  Renewal® will even allow your old CMM to run and perform even better than when you bought it!

This is also a good choice when you’re looking to save – literally – thousands, instead of buying a brand new CMM.